About Us

Since 1992, the aerospace, defense and medical industries have trusted Land Sea Air Manufacturing as their contract and build to print manufacturer of choice. Our products are found in the most critical applications for aircraft and the most demanding environments. Our products are often used for emergency support to protect human life in the most difficult circumstances.

A privately held, for profit, Small Business, Land Sea Air Manufacturing is a leading supplier of precision products, assemblies and components for heavily engineered applications. Our certified and secure location in Westminster, Maryland is a complete heavy industrial manufacturing facility.

Land Sea Air Manufacturing Warehouse

Land Sea Air Manufacturing Warehouse

Corporate Vision

To be our customer’s first choice for manufacturing, engineering and design support with products of uncompromising quality, simple convenience and superior total service.

Mission Statement

Land Sea Air Manufacturing will design, build, acquire and deliver superior products, materials and customer service with completely transparent product and project management.

Why call Land Sea Air Manufacturing?

Complex geometry, no problem. Exotic material requirements, no problem. Need to accelerate delivery, no problem. Challenges with source documents, no problem. Need help chasing specifications and applying years for engineering changes, no problem.  We thrive on things that other manufacturers consider too hard. There are a lot of reasons to select Land Sea Air Manufacturing as your manufacturing partner but three reasons stand out more than the others:

1. First Response – Land Sea Air Manufacturing runs towards difficult challenges for our customers while others run away. This “First Responder” attitude is especially inherent in our approach to customer service.

2. At Land Sea Air Manufacturing we understand stress and how to avoid it. By understanding how stress is built up in a part and our subject matter experts understand how to avoid building up stress. Advanced manufacturing techniques for work holding and machine tool paths decrease run times and eliminate the need for stress relieving and hardening of materials.

3. Trochoidal Milling is used extensively at Land Sea Air Manufacturing. While we did not invent the process nor the algorithms, Land Sea Air Manufacturing has spent the last few years perfecting it. Simply stated Trochoidal Milling allows substantially faster removal of material while decreasing tool wear. The result is increased efficiency and decreased manufacturing cost.